Evanescing This Harrowed Strata

Evanescing This Harrowed Strata

Jackson 2bears and Tanya Doody

July 15, 2017

Globe Cinema, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

20 minutes

 Evanescing This Harrowed Strata is a new collaborative multimedia performance piece made in response to the invitation to participate in “WILD: Fabricating a Frontier” — an event organized by Contemporary Calgary, CUFF and M:ST during Stampede week in Calgary.

We used multiple projections with both live and recorded video; live and prerecorded sound; a bed of clay ‘strata’ and contact microphones; digitally-enabled hand-drum and ceramic objects with guitar effect pedals; a cedar tree tied to a ceramic ball and chain. A deer head, a ceramic mask, a ceramic shoe, and lots of soil — all of which were activated with gesture and sound. Tanya was dressed as a woman of the frontier and Jackson was dressed in a traditional ribbon shirt.

We wanted to talk about stories written on the land, and the troubled histories layered on the earth in this and other territories. We wanted to immerse ourselves in troubled narratives, and to explore strange and complicated encounters and to perform alternative vocalizations.04_EHS03_EHS05_EHS Jackson 2bears and Tanya Doody performing Evanescing This Harrowed Strata, 2017.


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