Call for Participation

August/September 2018: Call for Participation: Collaborative Project Opportunity

This call for participation originates from Tanya Doody. She is seeking three active Trap\door ARC Members in good standing to participate in a new Collaborative Series.

She hopes to create 3 works, with 3 different artists, for this project.

She is an artist working in performance art, object making, and is a ceramic artist and designer, with an interest in working collaboratively. Through her performance works she creates interstices for social exchange, and places this collaborative work within that context.

Artists/collaborators are asked to undergo a collaborative working process with local artist and Trap\door Member Tanya Doody to create new work(s) within a limited time frame.

Artists/collaborators must have availability and willingness to meet a minimum of once/week for 4-6 weeks, or until the work is completed.

Artworks and all process will be truly collaborative, from concept to execution to presentation.

Artworks produced through this collaborative process will be presented under the auspices of Dispersions, Trap\door’s upcoming members’ exhibition.

Artworks produced through this collaborative process will be the joint property of Tanya Doody and collaborating artist(s).

Next Step:
To express interest in participating in this Collaborative Series, contact Tanya through email:

Don’t be shy, time is ticking!
Decisions will be made by September 7, 2018.
Work is expected to begin week of September 10, 2018


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