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Saving Seeds action

Collaborative Series: Tanya Doody with Stephanie Wilson

October 6, 2018

This Collaborative Series was part of Dispersions, Trap\door ARC’s juried members exhibition, wherein I mounted a call for participation to other members. Saving Seeds grew out of meetings with Stephanie Wilson where we discussed harvesting and seed saving practices. Over a period of weeks leading up to the public action, we collected seeds and harvested plants to distribute. During the performance held in Lethbridge, AB, seeds were bundled and dispersed to community members in a gesture that valued saving, sharing, and growing community.


From the projects catalogue:

“Over a period of weeks leading up to the performance Doody and Wilson collected local indigenous and cultivated seeds and plant matter. During the performance the artists distributed seeds in wrapped bundles, sharing the historical, practical, spiritual and magical properties of each with performance participants. Harvesting, perserving, and dispersing the seeds became a process of coming to know place through social means of exchange and conversation.” – Andrew Rabyniuk, Director, Trap\door ARC




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Evanescing This Harrowed Strata

Evanescing This Harrowed Strata

Jackson 2bears and Tanya Doody

July 15, 2017

Globe Cinema, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

20 minutes

 Evanescing This Harrowed Strata is a new collaborative multimedia performance piece made in response to the invitation to participate in “WILD: Fabricating a Frontier” — an event organized by Contemporary Calgary, CUFF and M:ST during Stampede week in Calgary.

We used multiple projections with both live and recorded video; live and prerecorded sound; a bed of clay ‘strata’ and contact microphones; digitally-enabled hand-drum and ceramic objects with guitar effect pedals; a cedar tree tied to a ceramic ball and chain. A deer head, a ceramic mask, a ceramic shoe, and lots of soil — all of which were activated with gesture and sound. Tanya was dressed as a woman of the frontier and Jackson was dressed in a traditional ribbon shirt.

We wanted to talk about stories written on the land, and the troubled histories layered on the earth in this and other territories. We wanted to immerse ourselves in troubled narratives, and to explore strange and complicated encounters and to perform alternative vocalizations.04_EHS03_EHS05_EHS Jackson 2bears and Tanya Doody performing Evanescing This Harrowed Strata, 2017.

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Performance Lab: Lethbridge

SAAG – Southern Alberta Art Gallery

Collaboration: Maria Hupfield, Tanya Doody, Mandy Espezel, Cindy Baker

Performance: 26 minutes

Clear_the_AirAction: Clear the Air

Performance Lab: Lethbridge
June 23 | 5 PM

Maria Hupfield will invite three Lethbridge artists, Cindy Baker, Tanya Doody, and Mandy Espezel to join her in a public platform for collaborative engagement and art-performance. Throughout the day, the artists will present new ideas and develop the project within the exhibition, The One Who Keeps on Giving. Their public performance will take place during the exhibition’s opening reception at 5 PM on Friday, June 23. Characteristic of Hupfield’s live interdisciplinary performances, she aims to craft a visually rich and multi-sensory atmosphere for an active exchange of ideas across cultures, disciplines, and borders. Performance Lab was informed by collaborative approaches to sustaining trust and support in the Brooklyn Performance Art community, one which Hupfield has contributed to for the past 7 years. This performance series was originally developed as a three day project in Montréal at Galerie Hugues Charbonneau, 2013.

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Action for Lethbridge


Action for Lethbridge. Photo: Janice Wardle


Action for Lethbridge, installation view. Photo: Tanya Doody


Installation view, upward winding snakes, parietal art. Photo: Tanya Doody

Action for Lethbridge. February 06, 2016, 22 min.

Dr. Foster James Penny Building Gallery

Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

This action grew out of a desire to reconcile feelings of unsettledness and to create a recuperative position in relation to change and the unknown. In this action I employed a local red clay as a transformative material…first as a sculptural medium, and as it dried and peeled off the wall, a mark-making or drawing medium. The trace left by the crumbling dry clay and fallen fragments were left as a 2-week long installation (Feb 6-26), as part of the group show For the Time Being.

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Open Action. October 03/2015. Central Middle School. Victoria BC.

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October 26, 2015 · 4:03 pm

Open Action. Royal BC Museum Courtyard. April 26, 2015.

Open Action. Doug Jarvis, John G. Boehme, Judith Price, B P, River Doody-Leween.

Open Action. Doug Jarvis, John G. Boehme, Judith Price, B P, River Doody-Leween.

Grace Salez

Grace Salez

Judith Price

Judith Price

Tanya Doody

Tanya Doody

Doug Jarvis

Doug Jarvis

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Fragile Limits

September 26-28, 2013 VestAndPage performance art workshop. Open Space Arts Society, Victoria, BC, Canada.

Verena Stenke (Germany) and Andrea Pagnes (Italy) have been working together under the name of VestAndPage, engaging performance art, filmmaking, visual art, writing, and independent curatorial projects. I was a participant in their Fragile Limits workshop which coincided with the final day of my Impression Formation exhibition. After spending three amazing days working with Verena and Andrea alongside the other 12 participants in the workshop I decided to open up the installation to interaction from the group to close the exhibition. The experience extended the work in ways that were beyond a simple uninstall–it came down with punctuated ritual and attentiveness, collaborative action and enlivened gesture.

Thanks to Verena and Andrea and the strong group of workshop participants: Jelili Atiku, Ellie Dion, Doug Jarvis, Zoe Kreye, Peter Morin, Judie Price, Emilio Rojas, Katie Sage, Grace Salez, Valerie Salez, Justine Sawyer, Serena Zapf.




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