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Performance Lab: Lethbridge

SAAG – Southern Alberta Art Gallery

Collaboration: Maria Hupfield, Tanya Doody, Mandy Espezel, Cindy Baker

Performance: 26 minutes

Clear_the_AirAction: Clear the Air

Performance Lab: Lethbridge
June 23 | 5 PM

Maria Hupfield will invite three Lethbridge artists, Cindy Baker, Tanya Doody, and Mandy Espezel to join her in a public platform for collaborative engagement and art-performance. Throughout the day, the artists will present new ideas and develop the project within the exhibition, The One Who Keeps on Giving. Their public performance will take place during the exhibition’s opening reception at 5 PM on Friday, June 23. Characteristic of Hupfield’s live interdisciplinary performances, she aims to craft a visually rich and multi-sensory atmosphere for an active exchange of ideas across cultures, disciplines, and borders. Performance Lab was informed by collaborative approaches to sustaining trust and support in the Brooklyn Performance Art community, one which Hupfield has contributed to for the past 7 years. This performance series was originally developed as a three day project in Montréal at Galerie Hugues Charbonneau, 2013.


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Action for Lethbridge


Action for Lethbridge. Photo: Janice Wardle


Action for Lethbridge, installation view. Photo: Tanya Doody


Installation view, upward winding snakes, parietal art. Photo: Tanya Doody

Action for Lethbridge. February 06, 2016, 22 min.

Dr. Foster James Penny Building Gallery

Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

This action grew out of a desire to reconcile feelings of unsettledness and to create a recuperative position in relation to change and the unknown. In this action I employed a local red clay as a transformative material…first as a sculptural medium, and as it dried and peeled off the wall, a mark-making or drawing medium. The trace left by the crumbling dry clay and fallen fragments were left as a 2-week long installation (Feb 6-26), as part of the group show For the Time Being.

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